Hey, Trish!
Beginnings & BFFs
Season 1, Episode 1
Beginnings & BFFs Title Card
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Beginnings & BFFs is the first episode of the Austin & Ally Spinoff.

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In the series opener, Ally Dawson is working at Sonic Boom when Trish De La Rosa walks in saying that she got a job at the bakery. Then, Ally's dad Lester Dawson announces that he is putting a brand new piano in the practice room upstairs.  Austin Moon, a great singer but can't write songs, walks in and meets Ally and Trish.  Dez walks in and does the same thing. The next day, they all arrive at Marino High School talking and the bell rings. They all go to class realizing that they should become a team, Team Austin. Austin could be the singer,Ally could be writer & singer (Note she doesn't have stage fright in this series), Dez could be the director, and Trish could be the manager. Then, after school, they start making Austin Moon merchandise when they realize there should be some Ally Dawson merchandise too since she's a singer. Then Trish decides that they should get a gig for Austin And Ally to perform at. They agree and start working on their very first song.  Trish gets them a gig on The Helen Show the next day, so Austin & Ally prepare their new song. The next day, after school, they go straight to The Helen Show and prepare for their gig. Then Austin And Ally sing Better Together as a start of their friendship. Their video gets over 20,000,000 views and they officially become known as Team Austin.

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  • All the main characters are introduced in this episode.
  • This episode aired part of a special Family Night Special Event night of premieres containing Monsters INC at 5:20/4:20 c, the Jake And The Never Land Pirates special Battle For The Book at 7/6 c,The premiere of Jake's Buccaneer Blast at 7:55/6:55 c and this show at 8/7 c. This is pretend though because it all really starts at 4:20/3:20c.
  • The Helen Show from the original Austin & Ally series premiere is featured in this episode.
  • Unlike the original A&A, Ally doesn't have stage fright in this series.
  • This episode along with the whole series was created by AustinAndAllyFan.
  • The Helen Show is a parody of The Ellen Degeneres Show.
  • Better Together is the first song of the series (not counting the theme song).
  • Austin reveals he and Dez have known each other since kindergarten.
  • This episode earned 4.6 million views on it's premiere night.
  • The title refers to the beginning of Team Austin and them becoming BFFs.



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The transcript for Beginnings & BFFs may be viewed here.

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