—Elliot upon his reunion with Ally
Crushes & Cuties
Season 1, Episode 10
Crushes & Cuties Card
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole
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Crushes & Cuties is the tenth episode of Season 1.

Episode SummaryEdit

Team Austin & Ally is visiting Los Angeles for a break. Austin met his long lost crush, Cassidy, and wants to reunite with her, but he is afraid that'll break Ally's heart because he knows that she still likes him. As the trip progresses, Austin's love for Cassidy is stronger than ever. So, he decides to be with Cassidy. Ally suddenly found her love when Elliot comes to Los Angeles. She want to be with him, but all they talk about is camp. Ally decides to give Elliot a new makeover. Elliot is now a brand new person and Ally likes that. Ally and Elliot are dating and they really like each other. Team Austin & Ally's trip is coming to an end, and Ally brought Elliot with her to go back to Miami. Austin wants to bring Cassidy with him too, but she can't go because of many reasons. At the end, Cassidy reveals that she is on a world tour and she is leaving to Las Vegas in a day, leaving Austin behind.


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  • Team Austin & Ally goes to LA in this episode.
  • Cassidy and Elliot are featured in this episode.


  • Elliot suddenly had the idea to go to Miami with Team Austin, but how could he get a ticket at the last minute?

Quotes Edit

Austin: Cassidy? What are you doing here?
Cassidy: Austin? I'm here for my band, remember?
Austin: Wow, I haven't seen you in a long time. I'm glad so to see you!
Cassidy: I'm glad to see you too!
Ally: (Taps Elliot on the shoulder)
Elliot: Ally?
Ally: Surprise!
Elliot: I can't believe you're here!
Cassidy: Austin, I'm so sorry.
Austin: Sorry for what?
Cassidy: My band and I are going on a world tour, I leaving to Las Vegas in a day.
Austin: Wow, another goodbye?
Cassidy: I'm afraid so. (sniffles)
Elliot: Um, Ally, you know that you're going back to Miami in a few days...
Ally: Yeah, what about it?
Elliot: I was wondering if I could go back with you, you know, together?
Ally: Uh, sure, I don't see why not!


The transcript for Crushes & Cuties may be viewed here.

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