Dances & Drama
Season 1, Episode 20
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Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Dances & Drama is the 19th episode of Season 1.

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Drama is stirred up when a new boy, Jason, meets Ally. Things get more complicated when Jason asked her to the school dance. She later finds herself in a love triangle with Jason and Austin. Would Ally choose her boyfriend Austin, or her new crush Jason?

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  • This episode will air after the movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer at 9:40/8:40c.
  • This episode is part 1 of a part 2 Auslly episode.
  • This episode aired on the WATCH Disney Channel app on March 27, 2015
  • Trish and Dez are considered minor characters in this episode.
  • Jack Griffo from The Thundermans stars in this episode.

Quotes Edit

Austin: How could you do this? I'm your boyfriend, not Jason.
Ally: I know, but why can't I go to the dance with another boy? Before you get upset...
Austin: There is no before, I'm upset!
Ally: Well, no need to get this upset. Just hear me out, don't see it as a date, see it as just hanging out.
Austin: I still can't believe you went to the dance with that loser Jason.
Ally: Jason is not a loser! He's cute and smart...
Austin: This is what I'm talking about, you're totally in love with Jason!
Ally: Austin...
Austin: You know what Ally, it's over. You can hang out with any guy you want now. [angrily steps out of the practice room]
Ally: [looks at Austin as he walks away] Look Austin, I can explain! [runs out to follow Austin]
Jason: Hey, Ally.
Ally: Oh, Jason, I don't think we met before. So, hi!
Jason: Wow, you're prettier in real life than in pictures...
Ally: [giggles] Thanks Jason.
Jason: So, do you want to go to the dance together this Friday?


The transcript for Dances & Drama may be viewed here.

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