Daustin (D/ez and Austin) is the best-friendship/bromance pairing between Dez Wade and Austin. They have been best friends forever since they were little and seem to have a brother-brother relationship. They treat each other as if they were actually brothers, but closer.  

Other NamesEdit

  • Austez (Aust/in and D/ez)
  • Destin (De/z and Au/stin)
  • Dustin (D/ez and A/ustin)
  • Austz (Austi/n and De/z)
  • Detin (De/z and Aus/tin)
  • Dezin (Dez and Aust/in)
  • Nez (Austi/n and D/ez)
  • Deztin (Dez and Aus/tin)
  • Din (D/ez and Aust/in)
  • Austinez (Austin and D/ez)
  • Dezmaustin (Dezm/ond and Austin)
  • Dezmonstin (Dezmon/d and Au/stin)
  • Dezstin (Dez and Au/stin)
  • Dezmostin (Dezmo/nd and Au/stin)
  • Austidez (Austi/n and Dez)
  • Zaustin (De/z and Austin)
  • Dezaustin (Dez and Austin)
  • Auz (Au/stin and De/z)
  • Ausez (Aus/tin and D/ez)
  • Wadoon (Wad/e and M/oon)
  • Moonade (Moon and W/ade)

Moments Edit