This is the episode guide for the fanmade series of Austin & Ally known as Austin & Ally Spinoff.

Series overviewEdit


Season 1Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 26 October 26, 2014 July 10, 2015
  2 30 August 7, 2015 July 22, 2016
  3 26 August 26, 2016 June 23, 2017
  4 30 July 28, 2017 June 29, 2018
No. Ep. Title Original air date
1 1 "Beginnings & BFFs" 10/26/14

In the series opener, Ally Dawson is working at Sonic Boom when Trish De La Rosa walks in saying that she got a job at the bakery. Then, Ally's dad Lester Dawson announces that he is putting a brand new piano in the practice room upstairs. Austin Moon, a great singer but can't write songs, walks in and meets Ally and Trish. Dez walks in and does the same thing. The next day, they all arrive at Marino High School talking and the bell rings. They all go to class realizing that they should become a team, Team Austin. Austin could be the singer,Ally could be writer & singer (Note she doesn't have stage fright in this series), Dez could be the director, and Trish could be the manager. Then, after school, they start making Austin Moon merchandise when they realize there should be some Ally Dawson merchandise too since she's a singer. Then Trish decides that they should get a gig for Austin And Ally to perform at. They agree and start working on their very first song. Trish gets them a gig on The Hellen Show the next day, so Austin and Ally prepare their new song. The next day, after school, they go straight to The Hellen Show and prepare for their gig. Then Austin And Ally sing Better Together as a start of their friendship. Their video gets over 20,000,000 views and they officially become known as Team Austin.

2 2 "Flyers & Fliers" 11/2/14

This episode starts with Trish walking in saying she got a job at the flyer store,where they sell flyers. Then they start to have a Team Austin meeting when Austin's parents Mimi & Mike Moon walks in asking for their help. They say that their store is running low on costumers and if they don't get more business in,their store will be shut down and Austin Mimi and Mike Will have to move. Team Austin agrees to help them by making flyers and commercials and even airplanes with a banner to promote the store. Then Trish announces that she got fired from the flyer store because she mixed up the flyers and gave them to the wrong people which causes a big problem for Team Austin. Then they decide to buy flyers and banners to put all over the mall,even at their school! It works and they get their business back. Then at the end Mimi and Mike announce that they get to keep their job and they don't have to move, which causes a Team Austin hug.

3 3 "Malls & Managment" 11/9/14

The episode starts in Marino High School in their Life Skills class when their teacher is talking about jobs. Then she assigns all the students to get a job and report back. So Team Austin look for jobs around the mall. Trish chooses Cellphone Accessory Cart, Ally chooses the book store, Dez chooses Pirate Frank's Fish Fry, and Austin chooses Pick A Card. After school the next day, they all go to their jobs. Ally's boss compliments her on how well she interacts with costumers and gives her a raise. Trish, however, enjoys this job because she gets to accessorize phones and computers. Dez's boss Pirate Frank yells at him for frying things other than fish such as footballs, hammers, phones, purses, and other stuff. Austin, meanwhile, has a great time with his job at Pick A Card and enjoys handing cards out to customers. Then a few days later it's time for them to report back. Dez says he got fired from Pirate Frank's Fish Fry because he fried everything but fish giving him an F. Ally says that she had a great time at the book store and her boss really enjoyed her there. Trish says that she didn't get fired from Cellphone Accessory Cart which surprises Austin, Ally, and Dez. Austin says that he did great at his job Pick A Card. The episode ends with Austin, Ally, and Trish getting As with Dez getting an F. Team Austin hugs and the episode ends.

4 4 "Saturday Detention & Saturday Bunch" 11/16/14

After a failed attempt at a food fight in the cafeteria, Austin ("The Athlete" and "The Criminal"), Ally ("The Brain"), Trish ("The Princess"), and Dez ("The Basket Case") end up in Saturday detention, which the Vice Principal is in charge of. The Vice Principal orders the foursome to go into the library, where Saturday detention is held. As soon as they arrive at the library and take their seats, the Vice Principal gives them a short lecture about how they should think about what they've done wrong, then write a thousand-word essay about what they leaned from being in detention. Austin gets into a small argument with the Vice Principal, leaving him with three more Saturday detentions, and Ally (trying to be supportive) with one more. All electronics are taken up, put into an old box, and stored into a secret place.The teenagers are told that they should not eat, sleep, or leave the library during the whole time period--unless they desperately have to use the restroom (in the case, they need special permission and guidance from the Vice Principal). This leaves Austin, Trish, and Dez to be overcome with boredom. Ally, on the other hand, is in a room full of books--she'll be fine. The Vice Principal stays in the library for about ten minutes, watching the four to make sure they don't get into any trouble. He then goes to his office, leaving Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez alone. They talk for a while, eventually arguing over nonsense, then settle down. When it's about twelve, the teens become hungry and decide it's time for lunch. No one though to pack their lunch, so, on the library's phone, Dez calls Carrie and tells her to bring some tacos--and to make sure she isn't seen by the Vice Principal. She succeeds in doing so, putting the bag in Dez's locker. After she's gone, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez sneak out of the library to grab the tacos. As they do this, they see the Vice Principal walking down the hallway a couple of times, causing them to slightly panic and fall, sliding across floors. They immediately come to a halt once they see a wet foor sign blocking the way. Not wanting the others to get caught, Austin decides that the others should go back to the library while he takes a risk in retrieving the tacos. He stuffs the tacos down Dez's pants rushes off to the other side, tearing posters off the walls and singing loudly (and off-key). Shortly, he bumps into the Vice Principal, who angrily takes him to the janitor's closet and locks him in there. Eventually, Austin picks the lock and escapes back to the library. Back in the library, the four eat their tacos, with Austin getting super pumped from eating them. He run-dances across the library as the others watch him and cheer. Then they talk about personal things, somehow leading them to get into a laughing fit. The day is winding down and the gang makes Ally write the thousand-word essay, each of them signing their names at the end as "The Saturday Bunch." Once that's over, the four are finally free from detention. Austin and Ally share a kiss, and Dez gives Trish the gum that was in his mouth. Trish throws the gum on the ground, disgusted. Austin and Ally are shown again, walking outside, hand in hand, before Austin jumps up in the air, ending the episode.

5 5 "Bad Reviews & Bad Fans" 11/23/14

Trish enters Sonic Boom, with a worried expression on her face. Ally and Dez ask her what's wrong, and Trish tells them about a blog she found online, titled "Austin Moon Sucks." On that blog, a person, with the username of ihateaustinmoon123, writes horrible things about Austin. The three agree to keep this a secret from Austin, but unfortunately, Dez (who, as we all know, cannot keep a secret), immediately tells Austin about the blog as soon as he walks into Sonic Boom. This earns Dez a smack on the head, courtesy of Trish, and a glare from Ally. Austin demands to see the article, and after about five minutes of wrestling, he eventually takes the tablet from Trish and reads an article. Austin then becomes very upset. Ally, Trish, and Dez try to console him, by telling him that none of what the blogs said was true, and that he or she didn't know what real talent was. This does not cheer Austin up, as he thinks they are saying that stuff just because they're his friends. Then they all decide to find out who ihateaustinmoon123 is, and put a stop to the nasty blogs. The blogger, ihateaustinmoon123, turns out to be Trent, who is jealous of Austin's popularity and fame. Once Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez find that out, they make an attempt to confront Trent, which completely backfires. But eventually, Ally gets really angry and lashes out at Trent, telling him that writing bad blogs about Austin is useless, calling him a couple of names, and threatening to call the police on him. Trent feels bad afterward, so he apologizes to Austin for acting so mean, and promises that he'll stop trying to make Austin miserable. Though Austin is hesitant, he eventually accepts his apology, but he's not completely satisfied. The episode ends with Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez reading Trent's final blog, which is an apology for everything. Then, the blog is taken down.

6 6 "Plays & Performances" 11/30/14

Dez wrote a play for the next Marino High School play, and Ally and Trish audition for lead female role. Ally ends up getting the part, with Trish as her understudy. This causes a drift between the girls, as Trish is very upset and jealous. Therefore, Trish tries to sabotage Ally, trying to get her sick, trying to get her injured, et cetera. She ends up locking Ally in Sonic Boom so she can miss the play. However, Austin rescues Ally almost immediately and they make it to the play on time. But, since Ally realizes how much Trish wants the role, she pretends to get stage fright so Trish will have to play her part. The play is a success. Afterwards, Trish figures out what Ally did and apologizes for her behavior. Ally forgives her, and the two girls hug. At the ending of the episode, the auditorium is completely empty, and Ally walks on stage and starts to sing a song and dance around. She realizes Austin has been watching her from backstage and nearly has a heart attack. Austin laughs and tells Ally that she is a true friend.

7 7 "Christmas Songs & Christmas Parties" 12/7/14

It's the gang's first Christmas together! And Austin is excited that he gets to write a Christmas song for Sonic Boom's Christmas party. But things go wrong when there Santa gets sick and the elf's got arrested. So the gang has to re-plan the party while Austin is struggling making a song.

8 8 "Football Performances & Football Games" 12/14/14

Austin,Ally,Dez,and Trish gets invited to a football game where Austin will play and preform in the Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints game at New Orleans. When they get there,they meet Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He wishes Austin good luck. Then Austin preforms Better Than This. After he sings the game starts. Austin starts the kickoff by kicking and the Dolphins run when they make the play of history for the Dolphins. Austin has the ball and runs all the way to end zone making a touchdown for the Dolphins 6-0. Someone kicks and makes the extra point making it 7-0. Then after a little break the Saints have the ball and kick it with the Dolphins catching it and tackling Austin but he doesn't get hurt. Instead, Drew Brees gets hurt by twisting his arm. So Austin volunteers to replace him by playing the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since the Dolphins already have enough players. They just wanted to increase his popularity by letting him play. He wanted to do it though. After Drew gets hurt he's taken to the ER. After that the game stars back again the Saints have the ball and runs to the end zone making a touchdown for the Saints 6-7 but then Austin makes the extra point tying the game 7-7. After a while it's the 2nd quarter with a tied game and The Dolphins have the ball. However they throw an interception with Austin catching it and running to the 10 yard line almost making another touchdown for the Saints. Then they do another play with Austin running the ball to the end zone making another touchdown 13-6. Then someone else makes the extra point making the score 14-7. After a while it's halftime with the score being 35-32 New Orleans Saints winning. Ally Dez and Trish complements him on how nice he was by replacing Drew and how good he was doing. Soon when the 3rd quarter starts the Dolphins have the ball with someone on the Saints team catches it and runs where someone tackles him. They're at the 40 yard line about to score for the Dolphins when Austin gets the ball and runs all the way to the end zone making another touchdown for the Saints making the score 41-32. However someone tries to make the extra point but misses. After a while the game is getting exciting with the score being 41-39. Then it's the 4th quarter with the game almost being over. The Dolphins are just a few points away from winning when Austin catches the ball and runs to the end zone making a touchdown for the Saints with the score being 63-60 with a few second left in the game they spike the ball ending the game 63-60 with New Orleans Saints winning. Then Team Austin congratulates him and the episode ends.

9 9 "Austin & Ally Meets American Idol" 1/4/15

Trish walks into Sonic Boom announcing something HUGE. Austin, Ally, Dez, And Trish is invited to Los Angeles California where Austin Will preform on the 14th season finale of American Idol. They all fly to Los Angeles and meet Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. Then after a while they take there seats and watch the show with performances by Ariana Grade, Cher, Caleb Johnson, Ryan Seacrest himself, All the judges, Nikki Minaj, Sophia Grace & Rosie, and more! Then Austin Moon takes the stage performing Can U Feel It. Then the show ends and they go home.

10 10 "Crushes & Cuties" 1/11/15

Team Austin & Ally is visiting Los Angeles for a break. Austin met his long lost crush, Cassidy, and wants to reunite with her, but he is afraid that'll break Ally's heart because he knows that she still likes him. As the trip progresses, Austin's love for Cassidy is stronger than ever. So, he decides to be with Cassidy. Ally suddenly found her love when Elliot comes to Los Angeles. She want to be with him, but all they talk about is camp. Ally decides to give Elliot a new makeover. Elliot is now a brand new person and Ally likes that. Ally and Elliot are dating and they really like each other. Team Austin & Ally's trip is coming to an end, and Ally brought Elliot with her to go back to Miami. Austin wants to bring Cassidy with him too, but she can't go because of many reasons. At the end, Cassidy reveals that she is on a world tour and she is leaving to Las Vegas in a day, leaving Austin behind.

11 11 "Jealousy & Jelly Beans" 1/18/15

Ally's former crush Dallas comes to visit. But he's not alone; he's got a girlfriend named Madison. Ally thought she was OK with him having a girlfriend, but she eventually got jealous although that she is dating Austin. She comes to Trish for advice and she tells Ally to stay with Austin for the best. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez develops a obsession for jelly beans.

12 12 "Girlfriends & Boyfriends" 1/25/15

After Ally's breakup with Elliot, whom moved to New York, she is broken hearted. Austin & Ally started to develop a crush on each other, but is unaware of it and not sure of it. Dez and Trish tries to help them realize that their love is real and convince them to be together. At the end of the episode, they ended up together and have a happy ending.

13 13 "Dates & Disasters" 2/8/15
14 14 "Schemes & Sleeping" 2/15/15
15 15 "TV Appearances & Talk Shows" 2/22/15
16 16 "Liv & Maddie Meets Austin & Ally" 2/28/15
17 17 "Science Fairs & Science Competitions" 3/13/15
18 18 "Movie Nights & Movie Disasters" 3/28/15
19 20 "Dances & Drama" 4/10/15
20 21 "Break Ups & Make Ups" 4/17/15
21 22 "Advice Wisperers & Auslly" 5/8/15
22 23 "Girl Meets Austin And Ally" 5/15/15
23 24 "Austin Jessie Ally NYC Summer" 6/5/15
24 24 Starr Records & Success 6/26/15
24 24 Autographs & Albums 7/10/15
25 25 'Crimes & Culprits 7/24/15

Season 2Edit

No. Ep. Title Original air date
26 1 "Secrets & Surprises" 8/7/15
27 2 "Beaches & BFFs" 8/14/15
28 3 "Situations & Songwriting" 8/21/15
29 4 "World Records & World Peace" 9/11/15
30 5 "Parties & Problems" 9/18/15
31 6 "Halloween & Haunts" 8/4/15
32 7 "Crimes & Culprits" 8/11/15
33 8 "Tonsils & Trapped" 8/18/15
34 9 "Lovers & Leftovers" 11/15/15
35 10 "Letters & Lovers" 11/22/15
36 11 "Birthdays & Birthday Bashes" 11/29/15
37 12 "Dog with an Austin & Ally Christmas" 12/6/15
38 13 "New Years & New Years Resolutions" 12/13/15
39 14 "Alligators & Ariana Grande" 1/10/16
40 15 "Stealers & Songs" 1/24/16
41 16 "Valentines & Valentine Parties" 2/14/16
42 17 "Kira & Kisses" 3/6/16
43 18 "Lyrics & Let-Downs" 3/13/16
44 19 "Competitions & Competitors" 4/3/16
45 20 "Tutors & Teachers" 4/10/16
46 21 "Anniversaries & Austin's Alone" 5/1/16
47 22 "Pop Stars & Parades" 5/8/16
48 23 "Famous Stars & Famous Comeback" 5/15/16
49 24 "Vacations & Volcanos" 5/22/16
50 25 "Moon Week & Meet Austin's Parents" 6/5/16
51 26 "Showers & Surgeries" 6/12/16
52 27 "Red Carpets & Real Injuries" 6/19/16
53 28 "Spelling Bees & Set Ups" 6/26/16
54 29 "Documentaries & Break Ups" 7/10/16
55 30 "Tours & Talents" 7/24/16

Season 3Edit

No. Ep. Title Original air date
56 1 "Returns & Success" 8/28/16
57 2 "Songs & Surprises" 9/11/16
58 3 "Bad Grades & Bad Days" 9/18/16
59 4 "Conflicts & Confusions" 9/25/16
60 5 "Scares & Stories" 10/2/16
61 6 "Countdowns & Captive" 10/9/16
62 7 "Karaoke & Curfews" 10/23/16
63 8 "Pianos & Piano Lessons" 11/6/16
64 9 "Mysteries & Maps" 11/13/16
65 10 "Family & Feasts" 11/20/16
66 11 "Christmas & Kisses" 12/4/16
67 12 "Campaigns & Charities" 1/8/17
68 13 "Game Shows & Games" 1/22/17
69 14 "Talent Shows & Talent Competitions" 2/12/17
70 15 "Projects & Partners" 2/26/17
71 16 "Lessons & Love" 3/5/17
72 17 "Pets & Pests" 3/19/17
73 18 "Austin And Ally Didn't Do It" 4/2/17
74 19 "Aliases & Arguments" 4/16/17
75 20 "K.C Undercover Meets Austin And Ally" 4/30/17
76 21 "Dreams & Drop-Outs" 5/14/17
77 22 "Principles & Problems" 5/21/17
78 23 "Fans & Fan-Fiction" 6/4/17
79 24 "Bullies & Beat Ups" 6/11/17
80 25 "Records & Wreckers" 6/18/17
81 26 "World Tours & World Changes" 6/25/17

Season 4Edit

No. Ep. Title Original air date
82 1 "Returns & Rollbacks" 7/30/17
83 2 "Backstories & BFFs" 8/6/17
84 3 "Austin And Ally Meets Victorious" 8/13/17
85 4 "Camping Trips & Camping Stories" 8/20/17
86 5 "Phones & Pacts" 8/27/17
87 6 "Dares & Drama" 9/11/17
88 7 "Pranks & Promises" 9/18/17
89 8 "Bad Luck & Bad Teachers" 9/25/17
90 9 "Vampires & Vests" 10/8/17
91 10 "Ghosts & Ghouls" 10/15/17
92 11 "iMeet Austin And Ally" 11/5/17
93 12 "Cheaters & Challenges" 11/12/17
94 13 "Zombies & Zombie Apocalypse" 11/19/17
95 14 "Mistletoes & Mix-Ups" 12/3/17
96 15 "New Years & New Journeys" 1/17/18
97 17 "Music Videos & Music Problems" 1/28/18
98 18 "Sports & Spirit" 2/11/18
99 19 "Jobs & Jokes" 2/25/18
100 20 "Spring Breaks & Spring Vacations" 3/4/18
101 21 "Brothers & BFFs" 3/18/18
102 22 "Changes & Careers" 4/1/18
103 23 "Sickness & Stress" 4/15/18
104 24 "Chaos & Complications" 4/22/18
105 25 "Revenge & Races" 5/6/18
106 26 "Driving Lessons & Drama" 5/13/18
107 27 "College Preparation & College Applications" 5/20/18
108 28 "Acceptance & Awesomeness" 6/3/18
109 29 "Auditions & Auslly Moving?" 6/10/18
110 30 "Graduations & Goodbyes" 6/24/18