Football Performances & Football Injures is the 8th episode of Season 1.

Football Performances & Football Games
Season 1, Episode 8
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
Special Guest: Drew Brees
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In this 2 hour long special, Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish gets invited to a football game where Austin will play and perform in the Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints game at New Orleans. When they get there,they meet Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He wishes Austin good luck. Then Austin performs Better Than This. After he sings the game starts. Austin starts the kickoff by kicking and the Dolphins run when they make the play of history for the Dolphins. Austin has the ball and runs all the way to end zone making a touchdown for the Dolphins 6-0. Someone kicks and makes the extra point making it 7-0. Then after a little break the Saints have the ball and kick it with the Dolphins catching it and tackling Austin but he doesn't get hurt. Instead, Drew Brees gets hurt by twisting his arm. So Austin volunteers to replace him by playing the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since the Dolphins already have enough players. They just wanted to increase his popularity by letting him play. He wanted to do it though. After Drew gets hurt he's taken to the ER. After that the game starts back again the Saints have the ball and runs to the end zone making a touchdown for the Saints 6-7 but then Austin makes the extra point tying the game 7-7. After a while it's the 2nd quarter with a tied game and The Dolphins have the ball. However they throw an interception with Austin catching it and running to the 10 yard line almost making another touchdown for the Saints. Then they do another play with Austin running the ball to the end zone making another touchdown 13-6. Then someone else makes the extra point making the score 14-7. After a while it's halftime with the score being 35-32 New Orleans Saints winning. Ally Dez and Trish compliments him on how nice he was by replacing Drew and how good he was doing. Soon when the 3rd quarter starts the Dolphins have the ball with someone on the Saints team catches it and runs where someone tackles him. They're at the 40 yard line about to score for the Dolphins when Austin gets the ball and runs all the way to the end zone making another touchdown for the Saints making the score 41-32. However someone tries to make the extra point but misses. After a while the game is getting exciting with the score being 41-39. Then it's the 4th quarter with the game almost being over. The Dolphins are just a few points away from winning when Austin catches the ball and runs to the end zone making a touchdown for the Saints with the score being 63-60 with a few second left in the game they spike the ball ending the game 63-60 with New Orleans Saints winning. Then Team Austin congratulates him and the episode ends.

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  • Drew Brees guest stars in this episode.
  • This is the highest ranked episode ever to be on television. This episode made history.
  • Instead of airing on it's original channel it aired on FOX at 1/12c
  • During filming, The cast visited places like Disney World, Nashville Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia, And Birmingham Alabama.
  • This episode was in favor to all the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints fans.
  • It's shown that all of Team Austin like both teams.



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