Malls & Management
Season 1, Episode 3
Malls & Management Card
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Malls & Management is the 3rd episode of Austin & Ally Spinoff.

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The episode starts in Marino High School in their Life Skills class when their teacher is talking about jobs. Then she assigns all the students to get a job and report back. So Team Austin look for jobs around the mall. Trish chooses Cellphone Accessory Cart, Ally chooses the book store, Dez chooses Pirate Frank's Fish Fry, and Austin chooses Pick A Card. After school the next day, they all go to their jobs. Ally's boss compliments her on how well she interacts with costumers and gives her a raise. Trish, however, enjoys this job because she gets to accessorize phones and computers. Dez's boss Pirate Frank yells at him for frying things other than fish such as footballs, hammers, phones, purses, and other stuff. Austin, meanwhile, has a great time with his job at Pick A Card and enjoys handing cards out to customers. Then a few days later it's time for them to report back. Dez says he got fired from Pirate Frank's Fish Fry because he fried everything but fish giving him an F. Ally says that she had a great time at the book store and her boss really enjoyed her there. Trish says that she didn't get fired from Cellphone Accessory Cart which surprises Austin, Ally, and Dez. Austin says that he did great at his job Pick A Card. The episode ends with Austin, Ally, and Trish getting As with Dez getting an F. Team Austin hugs and the episode ends.


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  • This is the first episode to have more than 1 job.
  • This is the first episode one of Team Austin's classes are seen.
  • It's ironic how Dez gets fired but Trish doesn't.
  • This episode was originally named Concerts & Chores, but they decided not to do that episode and changed it to another episode.
  • This episode teaches a lesson about jobs and working.
  • It's unknown what the other student's jobs were.
  • Team Austin hugs for the 3rd time and episode in this series.
  • This episode aired at a special time 7:30/6:30c to make room for a Liv & Maddie marathon.
  • Moons Mattress Kingdom is mentioned in this episode.
  • It's revealed that Marino High has a football team The Miami Manatees.
  • This is the first appearance of Kimmy.
  • This episode earned 3.0 million views on it's premiere night.
  • The title refers to the jobs in the mall and the jobs.

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The transcript for Malls & Management may be viewed here.

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