Plays & Performances is the sixth episode of Season 1.

Plays & Performances
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by Cole Stringer
Directed by Cole Stringer
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Dez wrote a play for the next Marino High School play, and Ally and Trish audition for lead female role. Ally ends up getting the part, with Trish as her understudy. This causes a drift between the girls, as Trish is very upset and jealous. Therefore, Trish tries to sabotage Ally, trying to get her sick, trying to get her injured, etcetera. She ends up locking Ally in Sonic Boom so she can miss the play. However, Austin rescues Ally almost immediately and they make it to the play on time. But, since Ally realizes how much Trish wants the role, she pretends to get stage fright so Trish will have to play her part. The play is a success. Afterwards, Trish figures out what Ally did and apologizes for her behavior. Ally forgives her, and the two girls hug. At the ending of the episode, the auditorium is completely empty, and Ally walks on stage and starts to sing a song and dance around. She realizes Austin has been watching her from backstage and nearly has a heart attack. Austin laughs and tells Ally that she is a true friend.

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  • This is the last episode to air in November 2014.
  • This episode shows a Trally relationship.
  • This episode earned 2.9 million views on it's premiere.
  • This episode shows Dez's directing skills.
  • This episode refers to the play and the preformance.

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The transcript for Plays & Performances may be viewed here.

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