Trally (Tr/ish and Ally) is the friendship pairing of Ally Dawson and Trish De La Rosa. They have been friends since kindergarden. They are currently best friends. They are practically sisters.

Other NamesEdit

  • Trilly (Tri/sh and A/lly)
  • Trishy (Trish and All/y)
  • Allish (All/y and Tr/ish)
  • Dawla Rosa (Daw/son and De/ La Rosa)
  • Trisly (Tris/h and Al/ly)


Beginnings & BFFsEdit

  • They are already friends before the series premiere.
  • Trish tells Ally that she got a job at the bakery.
  • The next day, they both arrive at Marino High School talking.
  • Trish decides that they should get a gig for Ally to perform at.
  • Trish made Ally Dawson merchandise.

Flyers & FliersEdit

  • They decided to make flyers for Moon's Mattress Kingdom.

Malls & ManagementEdit

Saturday Detention & Saturday BunchEdit

Bad Reviews & Bad FansEdit

Plays & PerformancesEdit

  • This episode was mainly focused on Trally.

Christmas Songs & Christmas PartiesEdit

Football Performances & Football GamesEdit

Austin & Ally Meets American IdolEdit

Crushes & CutiesEdit

Jealousy & Jelly BeansEdit

  • Ally goes to Trish for advice.

Girlfriends & BoyfriendsEdit

  • Trish comforts Ally when she's upset.